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The Office of the State Attorney, Twentieth Judicial Circuit of Florida, currently employs over 150 support staff members. Our support staff have many roles, some of which include, data entry, reception/switchboard, trial secretaries and witness coordinators, just to name a few. Each and every member plays a vital role to the success of our agency as stated by one of our attorneys, “While we have the utmost confidence that each of you understands your importance to this office and the value we place on your contribution to the overall success of this office, we know that it is important to express our appreciation on a regular basis.”

We appreciate your interest in becoming a member or our organization and invite you to explore the possibilities. There are many benefits available to employees of the State of Florida.

  • All employees have two choices of retirement plans: The FRS Pension Plan and the FRS Investment Plan. Your employer contributes the majority of your FRS retirement plan savings. A mandatory 3% pretax contribution is directed form you paycheck into you retirement account. For additional information on these great plans visit the Florida Retirement System website at New FRS members enrolling in the pension plan qualify for a benefit after 8 years of services; those enrolling in the Investment Plan qualify for a benefit after 1 year.

  • An employee who moves from one position in state government to another position in state government, may be credited by the receiving agency with all unused sick leave not paid. An employee who resigns from a city of county governmental authority within 31 calendar day, may, at the discretion of the State Attorney, be credited with up to a maximum of 480 hours of unused sick leave that was accrued while employed by the other organization.

  • All full-time employees who are filling established positions shall earn annual leave as shown:

    Creditable Service
    0-3 years
    Years 4 and 5
    Years 6, 7, and 8
    9 years and over
    Hours Per Month
    8 hours = 12 days per year
    10 hours = 15 days per year
    13.25 hours = 20 days per year
    20 hours = 30 days per year

    Annual leave balances may not exceed 240 as of January 1st of each new year. A departing employee will be compensated for their accrued leave not to exceed 240 hours. Also, one day (8 hours) of annual leave will be granted to each employee per year in recognition of his/her anniversary date of employment. This Personal Day is earned on July 1st of each year and must be used by June 30th of the following year.

  • All full-time employees shall be credited with one day (8 hours) per month of sick leave, equaling 12 days per year. Part-time employees will earn leave time on a pro-rated basis according to numbers of hours worked. After ten years of service, a departing employee will be compensated for 25% of their accrued sick leave, not to exceed 480 hours.

We utilize a temporary placement agency, Kelly Services, to assist us in our applicant and recruiting process. Please contact the Fort Myers office of Kelly Services at 239-936- 0086 for more information about joining our agency. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

The State Attorney of the 20th Judicial Circuit is an equal opportunity employer and supports a Drug Free Workplace.

November 8, 2017
We currently have several Clerical positions available in our Fort Myers Office.
Please contact Kelly Services for more information on how you can join the team.
Support Staff

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